• Defects4J
    Software engineering research needs a database of reliably reproducable real faults for many reasons. What research doesn’t have is time for is actually collecting this database. So I spent far too much time dealing with idiosyncrasies of build systems, library version compatibility, and the dreaded CLASSPATH setting, with my collegue René Just. Unfortunately for you, we did it in Perl. It still beats dealing with maven, ant, and git commit SHAs though, so enjoy using it.
  • Dependent test detector
    Have you ever run your tests in a different order and got different results? No? Well, that’s because you aren’t a practicioner – you should go ask one. I spent some time on Sai Zhang’s tool and added a program analysis that eliminated the need to check every order to determine whether running a certain reordering of tests may change the results from the original order.